Dental History on a Card

Dentistry has become more and more specialized. Today it is common that patients seek specific treatments from different dentists, and it is a necessity that documentation be transferred wholly and confidentially between them, so as to ensure an ideal treatment plan.

In addition, general medical information can be vital to the well-being of a patient who is entering a dental procedure. Many OTCs or prescribed medications can cause side effects that negatively affect oral health, and without proper attention these side effects could lead to more serious conditions.

Take Your Information With You

Introducing IDentica, the first dental history storage device that fits in your wallet.

IDentica is shaped like a credit card with a USB plug at one end. It includes advanced software that runs automatically when connected to a computer. After verification, IDentica provides you or your patient with categorized dental information, such as X-Rays, treatment plans, supervision, medications, allergies and more.

One Card, Many Benefits

IDentica enables you to provide your patients with their personal records and information, while increasing their satisfaction and commitment. The IDentica card may look small, but it is packed with additional benefits:

  • Patients can backup their information on the dedicated IDentica website.
  • Information is uploaded and saved in a convenient format, resulting in reduced data loss and clutter.
  • Data is stored confidentially and securely using the highest level of encryption.
  • Can also include general PHR for emergencies and other medical situations.
  • Allows you to share and transfer data to other doctors who treat your patient.
  • Enables you to view your patient’s dental history, as seen on the card.

Leading the Way

IDentica was developed by leading dentists and experts in the field of medical IT. The card contains software that uses the computer only as a platform of operation, and does not download any unwanted content to the hosting computer.
‏IDentica is the new standard in dental documentation and services.

‏Show your patients that you care, with IDentica.
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